Government should reward Clive Atwell

Dear Editor,


Our young people do so much to remind the world of Guyana’s raw talent in track and field, boxing, etc, yet, they hardly receive any help or support (most times none) from the Government of Guyana. Why?

Congratulations to Clive Atwell for fighting a good fight in Mexico, who according to most folks, was cheated of a well-deserved victory.

Mr Atwell placed Guyana in a positive light around the world, and for that, the least our government could do is to respect, appreciate and reward this talented young boxer.

As we ‘celebrate’ our 48th Independence Anniversary, I sincerely hope that President Ramotar would consider awarding this young man (on behalf of all Guyanese) a vehicle, a scholarship, a piece of land and $2M.

Oh, were I the Mayor of Georgetown, I would have ensured that Mr Atwell received a hero’s welcome around the capital city, was awarded the ‘Key to the City’ and $1M towards his training in preparation for his next fight. Anyway, let’s see what our politicians would do for this young man.


Yours faithfully,
Mark A Benschop

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