Some of what the media have published about Gates is false

Dear Editor,


I have been following the Walter Rodney inquiry hearings as closely as I am able to. I have read what the media has published about each witness who has testified. I have come to the conclusion that the media are trying to discredit certain witnesses, and sway the public’s opinion. I can only speak on behalf of my husband, Allan Gates. I have read all of those reports. And some of what has been published is false. My husband is not in the Georgetown prison as a murder accused. Those charges date from 1997. He was freed of those charges. The Director of Public Prosecutions withdrew the charges, because there was no evidence, and the Chief Justice at that time ordered his release. With respect to the current charges against him that led up to his incarceration, Mr Gates has an appeal pending before the Guyana Court of Appeal.

It has been published that he has been seen sitting at the back of the court with a woman seated next to him who the media has suggested was his wife, but that is false. They stated there were police guards in the area during all this time, and that he had been allowed to move about freely outside the court. My question is why are the media just bringing this out now; why not back in April? Is this only so the media can discredit him now that he is testifying? And are they criticizing because he recalls approximate dates and times of day. In my observation of what I have seen and read, I feel that the media don’t want the public to know the real truth; they are trying to discredit every witness that they can and ruin the reputation of many people. The Rodney family deserves to have closure.

Yours faithfully,
Julie Ann Gates

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