An Angel of the GPF showed the softer side of the Force

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, December 4 at about 08:45 hours, the traffic is heavy; everyone is in a hurry; stop signs are being ignored by motorists; courtesy is dead on the streets of GT.

A man in a wheelchair propels himself north along Manget Place, Brickdam. Unlike what happens in Barbados, the Guyanese motorists pay no attention to him; the dust created by the vehicles enfolds him; he is tired.

Suddenly, an Angel appears, and stops the east, west and north-bound traffic, and assists the differently abled man across the road. It is an amazing sight: the sudden immobilizing of the ‘don’t care’ motorists by this rather beautiful Angel, clad in the uniform of a woman Lance Corporal of the Guyana Police Force.

Well done; the softer side of our much maligned Force was on display.

Yours faithfully,

CS Vaughn

Major (rtd)


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