How could a decent Mayor and councillors seek to have increases for themselves

Dear Editor,

It seems as though nothing ever changes at City Hall. After twenty years of occupying the seats around the horseshoe table at the City Hall in Georgetown, when it should have been just for three years, the Mayor and his merry band of councillors continue to show scant regard for the needs and the wellbeing of the business entities, the workers and the citizens of the capital city.

The latest round of tactlessness is the demand by the Mayor and his Councillors to be paid a retroactive increase in their stipends, along with a pension and gratuity. But worse they have decided to hold the workers to ransom to guarantee the passage of these unwarranted payouts to themselves. How could a decent Mayor and councillors seek to effect increases for themselves? Would this not be a function of some body that is vested with the responsibility of supervising their performances? And what about the other councils, NDC’s and other local organs around the country?, would they not be entitled to increases as well? Or is this bonus just for Georgetown’s councillors for their superb performance?

Have Mayor Green and Deputy Mayor Chase-Green even considered the consequences of their senseless political games? Both sellers and buyers in the various markets will be severely affected, the slaughter and hygienic processing of meat will be curtailed at the abattoir, public health services, the operations of the cemetery, the day-care centre, etc, would all be severely affected. Or is it that they don’t care but would rather carry on their dog fights.

Perhaps for Christmas Mayor Green will take off on one of his pilgrimages overseas and will not be the least bothered about the welfare of the workers and the citizens of Georgetown.

Yours faithfully,

Marlon Langhorne

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