City Hall nurses have not been paid since August

Dear Editor,

Christmas is with us and as is our tradition the majority of Guyanese workers look forward to having some cash to help them share the joy and goodies associated with this season.

At City Hall we have two nurses and a young female who have worked since August without being paid. All, I repeat all, of the administrative procedures were followed and completed, but Ms Carol Sooba has the file held on her desk, and can offer no reason for this cruel, inhuman delay.

We have appealed to both the President and Minister of Local Government, but Ms Sooba seems to have the support of the PPP top brass. This allows her to break all the known laws and the semblance of decency and good order.

The Minister of Local Government wrote a meaningless letter claiming he was not aware of all of the issues. But I ask of decent citizens, our religious and civic leaders, is there no longer even compassion left? The tears of these females will flow and saturate this season. Where is the WPO, Ms Gail Teixeira et al? Injustice everywhere ought to be condemned.

Minister Whittaker intervened when Ms Sooba wished to employ someone as a secretary – there was no application, no qualifications seen, and no procedures followed. Worse, there was no vacancy, but this member of a new elite was on the job without any difficulty with full pay and perks. So we trumpet a return to democracy – but certainly not at City Hall. No longer do we have even the pretence of justice. Ms Sooba is allowed by the powers that be to practise unbelievable levels of the worst kind of discrimination, that degrade the human soul, but this is Guyana today.

For over a year promotions within the city constabulary are languishing on her desk, because she demanded that Inspector Gafoor, her personal driver be given accelerated promotion.

But where are the Sam Hinds, Odinga Lumumbas, the female members of the cabinet? Not to forget Bishop Edghill and Rev Kwame Gilbert? These ladies and gentlemen are as silent as the above is played out with discrimination. I call on all of our women’s groups to speak up and stand up for justice and decency.

Abraham Lincoln the 16th President of the USA reminded that great nations that, “To sin by silence, when they should protest makes cowards of men [and women].”

 Yours faithfully,

Hamilton Green


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