Fernandes seeking reelection as hockey board president

President of the Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) Phillip Fernandes is seeking re-election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting expected to be held in February.

In an exclusive interview via email, Fernandes said: “Yes, I will make myself available to be returned as president of the GHB since there are a number of initiatives started over the past few years and I am keen to see them to completion.”

Philip Fernandes
Philip Fernandes

He continued: “These are mainly the development of our junior hockey, the obtaining of an artificial pitch for hockey in Guyana and the further development of the Diamond Mineral Water International Indoor Hockey Festival which we would like to expand to attract teams from Europe.”

Questioned if any other individual has signalled their intention to run for the top post, Fernandes said: “So far there has been no indication of anyone else seeking the post of president. “Sports, like hockey, are very difficult to manage as there is no income at all coming in from any source.


“This means that all funds needed for development and travel for competition have to be raised by the board and its members, which include all hockey players. We have, however, received good support from the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) over several years and so this must be mentioned.”

Fernandes said that the hockey fraternity was confident in his ability to take the sport forward.

“I think so far the hockey fraternity has shown good confidence in me to lead the federation which is why there has been no one else seeking that post for the last several years,” added Fernandes.

According to the Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) stalwart, all eight positions inclusive of the president, the two vice-presidents, honorary secretary, treasurer, assistant secretary/treasurer and two committee member posts will be up for contention.

Asked when the season will officially commence, Fernandes said: “The GHB will be meeting shortly to discuss the beginning of the season. We usually begin with an outdoor one-day tournament and this is likely to take place in February. The date of this will be set after our first meeting.”


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