There is a certain beauty about time.

It goes on. It’s infinite, never ending a continuous click of the clock. It has seen everything and it will experience everything. Time is something that should never be wasted and when we look back we should never regret it; when we look forward we should never curse it.

As this year concludes it will be natural for many of us to look back at 2014. How did you spend your time?

culture boxTime for some went by quickly and painlessly; for others it was a struggle that was depressing and slow and for many time in 2014 has been a bit of both.

There were times we laughed and times we cried, times we lost hope and times we saw the light.

Time can be manipulated and used for selfish advantages and then they are those who use it to benefit others.

Time can mend and heal; it can also shatter. Time is in a constant dance of contradictions.

You can dance with time.

But time is never to be played with. It is not to be taken for a toy. It fitters away and often we mourn for lost time.

Time can mend broken hearts and cure pain, but there are moments in time when our souls are lost and our lives seem worthless.

As 2014 concludes, we reflect on the year we leave behind and hope for better in the new year.

In Guyana we celebrate time on Old Year’s Day and New Year’s Day. As the former is being washed away from our mouths and replaced with ‘New Year’s Eve’ it is important to note the significance of a day that we reflect on our time spent during the year we are about to leave. The actions that affected us; the occurrences in our lives; how we interacted with the people around us; those we lost and those we met.

On New Year’s Day it seems that time presents us with an adventure and we grasp it. The New Year is seen as a new beginning, a dawn, refreshing lives. For those we wronged we try to make right; for the pain we suffer we try to fix; we try to mend broken hearts and comfort the depressed. Time gives us this magic of hope and strength.

Let us all think about this time for a bit, the old and the new. Let us appreciate it, be patient with it and allow it to flow without waste or hurry.

I wish you all the best of times in the year ahead and hope that you spend every minute in joy, peace and happiness. May your time be well spent; may tranquillity prevail; may you have success in all your endeavours in 2015. (Jairo Rodrigues)

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