Interview Waiver and Personal Appearance Waivers for children under 14 years old

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The United States Embassy is pleased to announce two initiatives to make renewing and applying for a visa easier and more efficient for children under 14. Read on for more details related to these programs.


20150226ask the consulInitiative 1: The Interview Waiver Program for Children under 14 years old:


Q: What is the Interview Waiver Program (IWP) for Children under 14 Years Old?


A: The Interview Waiver Program is a new procedure that allows non-immigrant visa (NIV) applicants under the age of 14 years who meet specific criteria to skip the in-person interviews to renew or apply for their visas. The purpose of the Interview Waiver Program is to save time for applicants by shortening the application process.


Q: Who qualifies for the Interview Waiver Program for children under 14 years old?


A: Applicants who meet all of the following criteria qualify for the Interview Waiver Program for Minors:

The applicant is under 14 years of age at the time of application.

The applicant is a resident of Guyana and meets one of the following criteria:

Has had his/her previous visa issued at Embassy Georgetown, and it has expired not more than 48 months , or;

At least one parent has a current B1/B2, or;

Last visa application must have been an issuance.


The interview waiver program is available for all applicants who meet the criteria above as long as the applicant has not had any immigration violations and the applicant has the following documents accompanying his/her passport:


  1. Confirmation Page for Form DS-160
  2. One 2 x2 photo with white background
  3. Previous passport with old visa
  4. Child’s birth certificate
  5. Copy of passport page of parent(s) who has a valid B1/B2 visa


Q: How does the IWP work? How can I sign up?


A: Applicants who believe they meet the criteria for the Interview Waiver Program should select the “IWP” interview type (Wednesdays at 14:00) when applying online to renew or apply for their visas.


Initiative 2: Personal Appearance Waiver for Children under 14 Years Age:


Q: What is the Personal Appearance Waiver for Children under 14 Years Old?


A: Applicants under the age of 14 years old who are applying for a visa for the first time do not need to appear at the Embassy for an interview. Instead, at least one parent must appear for an interview. Children will be eligible for their visa based on the parent’s in-person interview.


Q: What documents would a parent need for the interview?


A: Parents should bring their children’s passport and a valid birth certificate with the parent’s name on it. Additionally, parents should bring a form of ID to enter the Embassy and any other documents that may help establish a parental relationship to the applicant.


Q: Do I need a visa if my child is applying for his/her visa for the first time?


A: No, the parent will only have to interview on behalf of his/her child but is not required to have a visa of his/her own. A Consular Officer will determine the visa eligibility based on the parent’s interview.


Q: How can I sign up to interview on behalf of my son or daughter under 14 years old?

A:   Parents may select a Non-Immigrant Visa Appointment date for their children online. These interviews are generally Mondays-Thursdays, 7:30AM – 10:00 AM.


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