Accused in Mash Day killing jailed for 75 years each

Devon Thomas, 22, and Randy Isaac, 19, were today both sentenced to 75 years each behind bars, after being found guilty of murdering businessman Kumar Mohabir on Mashramani Day 2013.

The sentences were handed down by Justice Navindra Singh after a 12-member jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts.

In handing down the sentences, Justice Singh ordered that the two are not to be eligible for parole, until after they would have spent 40 years in jail.

The Judge began his sentence at a base of 60 years. He then added 10 years for the injuries inflicted and another five for the cruelty of the act.

The charge against Thomas and Isaac, is that they murdered Mohabir, 25, of Enterprise, East Coast Demerara, who died of multiple stab wounds, in the wee hours of the morning of February 24, 2013.

Kumar Mohabir
Kumar Mohabir


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