Defective Sussex St sluice led to Albouystown flooding

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson says the Sussex Street sluice has a number of defective boards because of poor maintenance.

This had caused sections of the Albouystown community to be flooded on Monday night.

Patterson said the ministry’s tender board will have to go through a selection process to hire a contractor to fix the defective boards.

When Stabroek News visited Albouystown yesterday afternoon, the water had subsided and persons were going about their business.

In a release to the press, the ministry said that the high water levels were caused by high tides. The ministry said this caused a damaged gate groove in the concrete sill of the sluice.

They said every effort will be made to correct the defect in the dry season and the sluice will have to be blocked off at the inlet and outlet in order to remove the door and repair the damaged sill groove.

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