PPP calls for details on ‘missing cars’

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today said it has noted with dismay the big noise being made by the Granger administration, fuelled by sections of the media about “missing state-owned vehicles amounting to over twenty-eight (28)”.

In a statement today, it said that Minister of State Joseph Harmon is purported to have said “we have a bigger amount missing across all government Ministries and Agencies”.

“The PPP calls upon Mr. Harmon to publish the information showing the type of each vehicle, the registration number of each vehicle as well as the names of each ministry and agency to which the vehicles are attached.

“Further, the PPP calls on the Granger de-facto administration to publish the names of the “former government officials who have been filling up their tanks and those of their families”.

The latter was in reference to a government claim yesterday that state-owned GuyOil has been abused for fuel by persons not authorized.


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