Linden logger remanded over guns, ammo find

After police said they received information which led them to search the home of a Linden man for guns and ammunition, a logger appeared in a city court and was remanded to prison. Devon Robeiro, 34, of Linden told Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, that he was not guilty after the charges were read to him.

The charges alleged that on June 23 in the Upper Demerara River, the defendant had in his possession a .25 pistol with nine live matching rounds and a .38 revolver, while he was not the holder of a valid firearm licence. Robeiro’s attorney sought reasonable bail for him, telling the court that his client is not a flight risk and he fully cooperated with the police after he was arrested.

The police had no reason before his client’s arrest to associate him with any criminal act, the attorney added. Robeiro, the owner of a logging concession, is also a member of the Region 10 Association of Loggers and he has an unblemished record, counsel said.

But Prosecutor Bharat Mangru objected to bail, stating that the submission made by counsel lacked sufficient reasons for Robeiro’s pretrial liberty.

According to Mangru, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) received information which led them to the home of the defendant.

Upon arrival, the police met Robeiro and they subsequently conducted a search on his home, in his presence, Mangru said. The prosecutor said that the pistol and ammunition were found in the house, while the revolver was discovered in a storeroom on the said property.

In addition, Mangru related that in a caution statement the defendant claimed ownership of the firearms and ammunition.

But the defendant’s attorney contended that his client was forced to admit to the offence after the police arrested all of Robeiro’s relatives and threatened to detain his ailing mother who collapsed on the scene, should he not admit to the offence. ‘•» However, bail was refused and the magistrate ordered Robeiro to appear on June 30, at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

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