Vendor stable after Albouystown shooting

-cops seeking two suspects

Bheerkumar Ramrattan, the vendor who was shot by bandits during a robbery on Monday evening, remains in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum yesterday stated that the police have been supplied with the names of two men who are currently being sought for questioning in relation to the attack.

Speaking from his bed in the male surgical ward of the Georgetown Public Hospital, Ramrattan, 46, related that he had closed his stall around 5 pm Monday afternoon and journeyed to his aunt’s house in Hogg Street, Albouystown to drop off the daily sales when he was attacked by the gun-toting bandits.

“When I met the gate, all I hear is a boy say ‘Pass it!’ And he scramble my jersey. When I look back, we were already in the yard and we had a scuffle before the man pulled out a gun and started firing shots,” the vendor related. This resulted in the man sustaining two gunshot wounds to his right thigh and another to his left foot.

He further stated that although the daily sales were not yet counted he estimated that he was relieved of close to $30,000.

Owner of the stall and Ramattan’s aunt, Anita Arjune, explained that she sells at the stall during the morning and Ramrattan sells in the afternoon and that it was customary for her to wait on him in the afternoons after he finished selling for the day.

Arjune said that it was while she was at her home waiting for Ramrattan that she witnessed him being attacked as he was about to enter her yard.

She noted that upon hearing the gunshots, she raised an alarm before the men pointed the gun at her and sent her running for shelter inside the house. “I just start hollering and me granddaughter was standing next to me and me had to push she inside the house and lock the door,” Arjune recounted.

The men reportedly escaped in a waiting white car with a black plastic bag that was said to have contained the money and the keys for the stall.

Two years ago, the family was attacked and robbed by two bandits on Christmas Eve, the woman stated. No one was arrested for that attack.

The police responded promptly upon being called and subsequently transported Ramrattan to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

A search of the area was conducted after the robbery but the police came up empty-handed.


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