Empty go-fast boat found at North West

An empty go-fast boat was recently discovered in the North West District of Region One and tests are being conducted to determine if it was involved in any illegal activity, head of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) James Singh has confirmed.

Singh told Stabroek News that the vessel was discovered during a joint operation involving ranks from CANU and the Guyana Defence Force.

He explained that it is currently being subjected to tests to discover whether it might have recently transported any illegal substance.

No one was in the vessel at the time it was discovered and nothing illegal was found aboard, this newspaper was reliably informed.

Sources in the area say that it is suspected that the vessel was a “drug boat.” According to a source who is very familiar with the area, suspicious vessels are also being spotted in the region.

He said that there is easy access as the coastline, which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, is open for all to enter freely. He reminded this newspaper of the semi-submersible vessel which was found in the Waini area just over a year ago.

The source said that because of the denseness of the region and the many waterways, it is difficult for law enforcement officials to properly patrol.

Originally built for racing, go-fast boats are the preferred vessels of smugglers, particularly drug smugglers.

They are difficult to detect by radar, except on calm seas or at close range and are also fast and seaworthy.

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