Beaten Farm man died of haemorrhage, fractured skull

 – post-mortem

Results of the post-mortem examination conducted on Farm, East Bank Essequibo resident, Dennis Martin, 36, proved that he died as a result of a brain haemorrhage and fractured skull.

Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin

Martin, a cook in the interior was struck to his head and other parts of his body with a piece of wood around 7 pm on Tuesday, December 15 after he approached another resident to inquire about a problem involving his nephew.

The suspect who was sitting on a pick-up, reportedly jumped off and chucked Martin who reportedly pulled out an ice-pick but did not see the other brother coming with a big piece of wood.

The other suspect “lashed him from behind …” Martin fell to his right side on the road, hitting his head.

The attacker continued hitting Martin and by the time residents realized what was happening and ran to his rescue it was already too late.

He was rushed to the Leonora Hospital where he was treated and transferred to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

He was subsequently taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was placed on a life-support machine in the Intensive Care Unit. He suffered injuries to his head and back while his left hand was broken.

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