No policy statement on UG from any of the parliamentary parties

Dear Editor,

It appears as though the crisis at the University of Guyana has only caught the attention of your editorial page and a few letter writers. Although the election is around we are yet to see a policy statement on UG from any of the three political parties. Since the parties might agree we cannot develop without an educated, skilled and creative population, I think it is high time they outlined a vision for the country’s only university. I would be listening carefully for plausible answers to the following questions.


  1. How will they finance a high quality and free university education?
  2. Who will tell the students that they have to give something for a free high quality university education? Or should they pay something? How much?
  3. How will they deal with the lecturers and administrators who are more concerned with turf protection than with education and research?
  4. How does the university fit into the party’s wider vision for development?
  5. How would the university be restructured to better serve the national good?


I look forward to reading the policy statements from the political parties.

Yours faithfully,
Tarron Khemraj

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