Timehri road needs surfacing

Dear Editor,

I have been a resident of Alliance Road, Timehri, for fifteen years, and it was only in the last two years that portions of the roadway have been asphalted and maintained. The road is about a mile long and has two bridges with supporting kokers in the first few kilometers. This portion is asphalted and this can be considered a small improvement, but what will happen to the residents, including myself and my family, who have to use the remaining portion to get access to the public road?

I have heard from reliable sources that officials from central and local government visited our community prior to starting construction, and made a few observations. They told the residents the land is not state property. I am asking Minister Robeson Benn and other relevant officials to explain what this means. The local government under the aegis of the central government is mandated to ensure various contractors execute important work within all the regions, and also to ensure that there are effective mechanisms for accountability.

It’s time our private roadway be constructed and maintained annually, so as to facilitate easy access to our homes and the public road. It has been estimated that the initial construction cost for the road was $9 million, and only $2.5 million has been used to execute works on the aforementioned part of the road. It would have been thought that the initial cost would have completed the entire roadway, but alas! it did not. Where is the remaining money?

I am pleading for our road to be built, and I would also like to ask Minister Benn to stop being aloof and visit our community before he decides to mobilize his contractors to start work.


Yours faithfully,
Richard Allicock

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