Ireland bowled WI out for 25 in 1969

Dear Editor,

I wonder how many of your readers, as they watched with growing despair our performance against Ireland the other night, remember our infamous loss to them in 1969. Ireland bowled us out for 25. Here is the scorecard:-

G S Camacho           1

MC Carew                 0

MLC Foster               2

BF Butcher               2

CH Lloyd                   1

CL Walcott                 6

JN Shepherd               0

TM Findlay               0

Pascall Roberts           0

GC Shillingford         9

Philbert Blair             3

Extras                         1

Total                       25

It was rumoured, I repeat rumoured, that the day before, the team, accompanied by very attentive hosts, paid an extremely convivial visit to a Guiness distillery. Sadly, as far as is known, we do not have any such good excuse on this latest humiliating occasion.

Yours faithfully,

Ian McDonald

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