We need to act on our hopes and dreams not on our fears and mistrust

Dear Editor,

For a long time, Guyana languished for national and racial unity to move our people forward.

Therefore, it was delightful and refreshing to see the AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan and the APNU’s David Granger on the same platform embracing and holding hands together. While they were political opponents, they worked together in the last parliament to bring about transparency and hold the government accountable for its actions.

What was inspiring to hear was Mr Granger’s remarks that if they win 52% of the votes, they would not leave out the 48%. This is what I call a promise of statesmanship and a big tent approach. It reminds me of the Edwin Markham quote, “They drew a circle to keep us out, heretic, skeptic, a thing to flout, but love and I had wit to win, we drew a circle that took them in.” Surely, the PPP has a few good people left. President Ramotar is a good man. Dr Anthony has a Jaganite heart and so do people such as Chairman Armogan in Region 6.

As Guyanese, we need to act on our hopes and dreams, not on our fears and mistrust. When hope is lost, we need to rekindle hope again. We cannot let apathy drive away the desire in our hearts for a better future, and dampen our faith for a new, brighter tomorrow for us and our children. Many of us have prayed, fasted and wished for a better Guyana, and it seems God is answering our call because here we have two major political groups deciding that we have to hold each other’s hands and lift each other up.

The AFC had said it would not join with the PNC, but as Bro Nagamootoo explained, this is the road we must take to move Guyana forward. This is not a sell out; this is being sold out to the notion that Guyana cannot move forward unless we have this spirit of reconciliation, spirit of forgiveness, and collective optimism for a better country. A hole in the boat is a hole in the whole boat. It doesn’t matter if the hole is on the PPP side, the PNC side or the AFC side. We have got to work together in the spirit of togetherness.

Therefore, I call on all my brothers and sisters in every church, every mosque, every temple, and every NGO to rise up and support this new movement to pull Guyana out of the doldrums and into a new, brighter future. Guyana can rise from the ashes and be great again!

 Yours faithfully,

Jerry Jailall

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