No final agreement yet between ministry and minibus union on fares

Dear Editor,

Representatives from the United Minibus Union including Mr. Eon Andrews, the union’s President, met with a team from the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, headed by the Permanent Secretary, Mr Derrick Cummings to discuss fares and other minibus transportation related matters.

There was no final agreement in relation to the reduction of minibus fares; the ministry has put forward a proposal to the union indicating reduced unit costs for travelling along most of the bus routes in Guyana.

The union has given its commitment to look at the proposal over the next seven days after which the teams will meet again for further discussions, and possible acceptance of same.

Should this be unsuccessful, we will continue to engage each other in good faith, hopefully to effect a positive resolution for the benefit of all stakeholders in the domestic transportation industry.

 Eon Andrews


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