Parents should instil moral values in children

Dear Editor,

We must ask ourselves where are the moral values, decency and upbringing that our foreparents left behind. Our children no longer respect their parents and elders; every day sees the putrefaction of our society which stinks more than the Mandela dumpsite.

Parents should take the leading role in instilling good traits and manners. Many parents complain that because they are single parents it robs them of trying to raise their children, but that should be no excuse for allowing their children to become wayward.

There are numerous success stories of children being raised in difficult circumstances who excel and then have moved on to contribute positively to society.

Our children are our future and we must do everything possible to prepare them for a good life; we must not hide or camouflage their faults, but speak and guide them in the right direction, so that we can be proud in our old age that we have not lived in vain.

There is an old song that says when my time has run out and I have to leave this world I want to leave with a satisfied mind, knowing that my life was worthwhile.

So I plead with every parent and social leader to please save our children; please instil moral values and virtues.

Yours faithfully,

Andre Fortune

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