Differing views within the coalition on the PNC rigging of elections

Dear Editor,

APNU-AFC presidential candidate Mr David Granger is disdainfully not offering any apology for the rigging of the 1968, 1974, 1980 and 1985 general elections by the PNC government because he says he is not aware of such skullduggery by the PNC. He wants to see the facts.

Ironically the facts are not far from his reach. His running mate Mr Moses Nagamootoo in the 1980 general elections stood like a colossus against the PNC big guns for three nights on the call-in programme ‘Action Line,’ detailing all the facts and figures of the PNC rigging in the 1968, 1974 and the then current 1980 elections. For three nights Mr Nagamootoo stood alone for the PPP taking on the likes of skilful propagandists like Kit Nascimento et al, of the PNC and humbling them in the process. Mr Nagamootoo had oral and visual evidence of the role of the army in tampering with the ballot boxes, the dead voting, the living voting multiple times and even horses and mules voting overseas. It was all done by irrefutable facts and figures presented by Mr Nagamootoo.

Here we now have Mr Nagamootoo’s presidential candidate Mr Granger requiring proof of the PNC rigging elections. Someone referred to the two as being similar to the biblical prophets. Both, however, seem to be reading from different scriptures on the PNC rigging of elections.

 Yours faithfully,

Reggie Bhagwandin

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