Is the West Indies team suffering from FSA?

Dear Editor,

When Maria Sharapova was recently beaten by Serena Williams in the Australian Open final, there were the expected pronouncements by the usual suspects about the former having lost again to the latter. However, there was one who, having ‘analysed’ all the historical facts, came to the interesting conclusion that Sharapova was suffering from “FS” (Fear of Serena).

And Sharapova herself seems to be in agreement with the FS ‘diagnosis.’ In a Yahoo report earlier this week, she is alleged to have said that her current ambition in tennis was not to become No 1 but to beat Serena Williams.

Editor, would it be unreasonable to conclude, having regard to all the statistics and historical facts, that the West Indies team is suffering from FSA (Fear of South Africa)?

 Yours faithfully,

C E Housty

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