Courtney’s spirit will live on

Dear Editor,

As a mother of a 40-year-old son, my heart bleeds for the mother and other relatives of Courtney Crum-Ewing. I can only imagine how proud Courtney’s mother felt when her son took a principled stand to protest against the shameful utterings of a government official whose responsibility requires upholding the Law of Guyana.

That anyone would think it appropriate to snuff out Courtney’s life when what he was doing was encouraging others to participate in a process which citizens should revere is abhorrent. The cowards who orchestrated this act and those who carried it out must remember that the force of the universe is greater than any power – words or weapons – which man, woman or child may have.

The lawlessness which now seems to characterize so much of Guyana has driven fear into many. It has caused many to speak behind closed doors rather than express their views.

Courtney chose to speak up and speak out. While Courtney’s voice has been stilled, his spirit will live on.

I trust that Courtney’s blood has not been spilled in vain.

Yours faithfully,
Janice M Jackson

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