GWI has not received an application for a water distribution network from the private developer of Bunkin Sand Road

Dear Editor,

Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) wishes to respond to statements published in the Stabroek News, April 15, 2015, in the letter titled ‘East Bank area needs potable water, electricity.’

The letter writer indicated that GWI had promised to provide potable water to the community at Bunkin Sand Road. The company wishes to state that while GWI remains committed to providing potable water to every community, the company did not make such a commitment since the housing development at Bunkin Sand Road is privately owned and to date, GWI has not received an application and design layout for the installation of a water distribution network from the private developer.

In 2013, a group consisting of residents from the community visited GWI’s Peter’s Hall Office, East Bank Demerara, where they were informed that GWI would visit the community to determine what interventions can be made to provide the community with water service.

Subsequently, GWI’s Divisional Management visited the community and it was observed that two factors hindered the installation of a water distribution network. The GWI team noted that the height and distance of the community from the East Bank Public Road prevented any possible interlink with the existing water distribution network available on the Public Road.

GWI Divisional Management explained these factors to the community group as well as the private developer. GWI also indicated to the owner of the development that a proposal for the installation of a water distribution network should be submitted to GWI’s Infrastructure, Planning and Implementation Department (IPID). GWI would then determine the feasibility of supplying water to the area.

To date, GWI has not received any written correspondence or application from the developer.

The company wishes to reiterate its commitment to ensuring that communities countrywide benefit from the expansion of potable water service; however, private developers of housing schemes must follow the required procedures in order to receive assistance from GWI.

GWI can provide further clarification on this matter via telephone numbers 227-8701, 227-8703 or 227-8704 or e-mail


Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Water Incorporated

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