Minister of Indigenous Affairs not Minister of Communities

Dear Editor,

The letter I sent you on June 19, which you published June 22 as referred to by Mark Da Costa in his letter published yesterday, made no mention of the Minister of Communities. I would be glad for your confirmation that the mistaken insertion was yours. [Stabroek News apologises for the mistake.] I ignored it till now, thinking the error would be obvious to anybody reading the letter. But I was wrong.

However, since I have no indication that the Minister of Indigenous Affairs takes my point about elections in Amerindian villages, maybe it would be good if that ministry too could afford to appoint an official research assistant to scan the press and respond to any mention of its name, relevant or not. We know there is an Amerindian legal consultant, but we don’t know if he is paying attention to the legal requirements for elections.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Fitzpatrick

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