Trotman listened to concerns of Kwakwani residents

Dear Editor,

After reviewing the meeting with Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman and his activities in Kwakwani on June 27 and 28, I am satisfied that there will be genuine efforts to resolve the many problems that are affecting my community.

Minister Trotman reminded me of a time gone by when government ministers would walk the streets of the communities and interact with residents listening to their concerns.

At the public meeting on the afternoon of the 27th, all the concerns of residents were noted by the Minister as he was observed listening attentively and taking notes. Most issues were centred around job opportunities for youths, the community’s infrastructure, roads and unfair practices in the forestry sector. He appeared quite emotional when he attempted to respond to the many issues raised, as some appeared discriminatory while others appeared associated with corruption.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Trotman freely interacted with residents and listened to those who may have been shy about raising their issue publicly.

A group of teachers who reside at the Teachers’ Hostel and had some grave concerns were promised a visit early the following morning. The Minister did visit but was only able to have a distant look at the conditions in which the teachers are housed. He departed without speaking to the teachers as they were not up. After expressing their disappointment to me about being unable to speak to the Minister, his entourage of vehicles was seen returning to the hostel to the delight of the teachers. He said he had reflected on what he had seen while leaving and was moved that teachers could be housed under such deplorable conditions, so he felt forced to return and take photographs of the conditions. He promised the teachers to have the relevant subject Minister take immediate action.

After fellowship at one of the churches, we were told the Minister departed the community via the Kwakwani-Linden Road, as he would like to have a feel of what residents endured. With the Kwakwani-Linden roads in the worst state ever, and since it is the rainy season, we are extremely happy that a government minister can demonstrate through his actions that he is willing to walk our internal roads and drive our 64-mile rugged road with the ultimate aim of making representation at the highest level to improve the lives of residents.

Thank you Minister Trotman.

Yours faithfully,
Jocelyn Morian

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