Political amnesia has now become the new order

Dear Editor,

In the last six months, and contrary to my better instincts, I have had occasion to peer at the new opposition in action, especially its esteemed leader. Clearly, something is terribly wrong. It could be the operation of synapses is suffering, or touch with reality has been lost. Or, worse yet, the perpetuation of the tricks of master illusionists is so far gone that there is trouble separating themselves (and reality) from those same patently silly tricks. A few examples should help.

Crime and security is a serious problem say the opposition and its strongman, who is the only one trusted to speak on anything. Did this problem mushroom overnight in the last half year? Or is it not more accurately a sharp reflection of the failed policies, lacklustre efforts and accumulated sordid history of the last two decades? I say it is the latter.

Next, the opposition now trumpets about parliamentary democracy. It makes for a furious sound bite to the uninitiated. That is, until one remembers the bills not assented to by the former shadow president, now reincarnated in the role of opposition leader. If that did not make a mockery of parliamentary proceedings and the people’s will, then I don’t know what does. Of course, it is unsurprising that political amnesia and distorted reality have become the new order of the day. How quickly men forget! How much more quickly they wish the rest of us to forget.

But if there is one issue that conveys the full breadth of the master illusionists’ performance of the opposition is when it blows hard about corruption. For the PPP to talk of (anti) corruption is an incredible hypocrisy.

As said before, the master illusionists have become trapped in the throes of the tricks through which they tormented this nation.


Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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