‘Amnesty International report contains false information’

Dear Editor,

Russian Defence Mini-stry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov slammed an Amnesty International report for containing false information “without providing the slightest evidence.” The report alleged that as many as 200 civilians were killed in Russia’s air campaign in Syria, based on “remotely sourced” information.

It says that all facts stated therein were examined by Amnesty International remotely, obtaining information during telephone conversations with local so-called human rights activists. Later the deputy speaker for UN General-Secretary Ban Ki-Moon commented that the United Nations cannot independently confirm the cases presented in the report.

“In other words, it is all assumptions and no evidence. The technique is not new and quite efficient, but totally deceitful”.

Mr Igor Konashenkov also stated that the downing of a Russian Su-24 by Turkey while carrying out anti-terrorist operations can be considered as a “pre-planned” operation. That is due to Turkish authorities possessing highly detailed data on the number of flights conducted by Russian aircraft. He went on to say that “the Turkish General staff was well aware of how, at what time, in what area the combat mission of the Russian bomber was going to be undertaken.” Recently Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei stressed that the downing is a great loss to the international efforts in the fight against terrorism.

The air force of the Russian Federation is acting at the request of the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic. Warplanes of the Russian task force in Syria deliver 30 to 40 airstrikes daily contributing to the joint effort of government troops and forces of the Syrian opposition to defeat terrorists. The targets destroyed include command posts, fuel tanker columns, munition and supply depots, facilities used to manufacture explosive devices and rockets. The Syrian army with the assistance of Russian aviation managed to liberate 80 towns and regain control of the territory of more than 500 square kilometres. The Islamic State militants’ ability to illegally export energy resources was severely hampered.

Yours faithfully,
Aleksei Illiuviev
Press Attaché
Russian Embassy in Guyana

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