To the man with the brown hand towel behind his neck

Dear Sir,
You need to say sorry.
Not down in your belly,
Out in the open
Where people can hear.
There was honour and prestige
culture boxIn the task you were given.
But you chose to be a throwback
And it wasn’t even Thursday.
Tell me that black and white look
With the slouchy hat
Isn’t from your comedy wardrobe
And I’ll call you a liar.
That brown hand towel though,
Straight out of the eighties, man.
Someone said it was a ‘thing’
Sweet boys used to wear them.
I heard too that the Jheri curl guys
Used them to keep the gel
From eating out their shirt collar.
But why you wore one though?

You really don’t have a dress shirt?
What about a shirt jac?
You don’t have a mirror?
Man, no man! You did what?
You wore that on purpose?
For the cultural segment?
Oh. Wait.
You were in costume
In case you had to dance
Or sing? No, man
You were the MC
You didn’t get the memo?
Oh, you didn’t get it.
Just take shame out your face then
And say sorry.

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