Opportunities from membership of the Institute of Internal Auditors

Last month I had penned an article in recognition of International Internal Audit Awareness Month. To go with this occasion is the 75th year of the existence of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Global.

By John M. Seeram Governor IIA Guyana Chapter Board
By John M. Seeram
IIA Guyana Chapter Board

This global body has over those years been forward-thinking, has stood up for professionalism and competency, and is committed to elevating the practice of internal auditing. Today it is serving approximately 180,000 members from 190 countries.

Here in Guyana, the Guyana Chapter which is in existence for 16 years is gradually taking on a visible role in elevating this profession by conformance to the IIA’s International Standards and its Code of Ethics.

As I write, the Chapter’s membership has grown to 86, mainly though the group membership of the Internal Audit Units of the Ministry of Finance in 2012 and must recently the Guyana Revenue Authority. When one considers the number and staffing of the units in both the public and private sectors, the membership should be greater. Is it that these organisation are unaware of the existence of the IIA global and of the Guyana Chapter? If the answer is positive then I need to write on the benefits of being a member.

Benefits from membership

Membership can either be individual or as a group. To qualify for group membership the unit must consist of at least 6 staff members. The major benefits accruing, as promulgated by the IIA, are:

  •  developing leadership skills, including those

associated with problem solving, directing

others, public speaking, strategic planning, team

work, conflict resolution, and time management.

  •  gaining exposure to current professional issues

that impact your organization through IIA’s


  • interacting with colleagues from different types

of organizations representing government,

industry, and academia, etc.

  •  growing professionally as result of being

challenged to find solutions for issues that

impact auditors in different industries or


  •  making lasting contacts that can provide advice,

guidance, moral support, and friendship.

  • having the opportunity to share experiences and

identify best practices that add value to your


  • gaining satisfaction from contributing to the

profession you embrace.

  • seeing lasting changes as a result from your work

on behalf of the profession.

  • experiencing firsthand, the valuable diversity of

IIA’s worldwide membership.

  • receiving local and international recognition for

your contributions to the global profession.

 Value to your organisation

Among the many benefits to the organization are:

  • continued professional education and executive

development opportunities.

  • improved communication skills, level of

confidence, and teamwork capabilities.

  • enhanced professionalism through exposure to

best practices.

  • exposure to new cultures and beliefs.
  • identification of new tools and trends that

enhance your internal audit function.

  • access to an expansive network of resources and


  • enhanced visibility and credibility of internal audit units.

Employer’s support is much needed towards this growth and development. Organisations are being encouraged to contribute more time and adequate funding so as to permit their staff to become truly involved in their auditing activities.


Hence the purpose of this article is to remind and to enlighten executive management, audit committees, audit practitioners and other stakeholders that membership of the IIA opens the door to professional growth and development.

Here in Guyana, we still have much ground to cover in order to enhance the internal audit profession and at the same time to enhance its professionalism. To do this will require meaningful teamwork amongst the various stakeholders, and the leading roles both the IIA Global and the Guyana Chapter have to play. Yes, membership and the resources the IIA brings are invaluable, hence organizations and individuals should seize this opportunity.

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