Trinidad Cement hosts seminar for local construction sector

Not unmindful, it seems, of the importance of the nexus between efficient and effective application of cement and the success of Guyana’s continually expanding construction sector, Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) Guyana Inc on Thursday, June 30, hosted a seminar titled ‘Use of Cement and Concrete’ at the Regency Hotel.

The event attracted an impressive gathering of local cement dealers, contractors, civil engineers and ready-mix operators, all of whom have a vested interest in the cement industry. TCL Guyana Inc is a member of the larger multinational TCL Group of companies, including TCL Manufacturing, a Trinidad and Tobago company with branches in Barbados and Jamaica, and TCL Packaging and TCL Trading which co-ordinates alL activities of the TCL members.

Plant Manager Mark Bender
Plant Manager Mark Bender

TCL Guyana Plant Manager Mark Bender told participants at the seminar that the company felt duty-bound to ensure that local homeowners as well as entities involved in the construction of homes and other sub-sectors in the sector are properly positioned make optimum choices in cement use given the fact that frequently, a home is often a person’s first major investment.

While, according to Bender, cement selection is critical in the construction industry, the creation of solid concrete is a function of the correctness of the proportions of all the of the various components in order to ensure end-product durability.

The new TCL tamper-proof cement bag
The new TCL tamper-proof cement bag

Trinidadian Cement and Concrete Technologist Danny Jairam provided instruction sessions in mixing ratio options that are best able to provide the best quality outcomes. Jairam explained that the process of mixing concrete results in the formation of Calcium-Silicate-Hydrate (C-S-H) gel which makes a critical contribution to the strength of the cement as it ages, thus, better protecting the reinforcements such as the steel and bindings. Jairam advice to participants is that practitioners in the construction sector “always use potable water when mixing, ensure that sand and/or sifting is free from stems, leaves etc and ensure (that) blocks are properly cured before use.”

TCL’s International Business Marketing Manager Egwin Daniel said that the event was critical to cement users’ understanding of the product and its use.

Simultaneously, TCL formally launched its new TGI Eco Plus and TGI plus sacks which, apart from making tampering more difficult, minimizes spillage and loss of product during the transportation process. Bender explained that the new packaging design is also intended to extend the shelf life of the cement.

Last week’s event is one of several such hosted by TCL since the setting up of a plant here and the events have proven to be popular with the local construction sector.

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