Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee targeting ministries to push brand recognition

Focused on exploiting the broadest possible range of marketing techniques to promote the locally manufactured Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee (APC), Chief Executive Officer of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc Louis Holder has embarked on an exercise aimed at popularizing the product at government ministries and other state-run entities.

The Ministry of Education was the most recent target of Holder’s taste events, which he says will be one of several strategies that will be employed to market the brand in Guyana. Holder says that at the tasting events employees are exposed to the aroma, flavour and taste of “the oldest coffee variety in the New World,” introduced to Guyana by the Dutch in 1721, almost three centuries ago.

Louis Holder
Louis Holder and Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee
Amy’s Pomeroon Coffee

“The company’s marketing focuses on weaning consumers off instant coffee by providing them with brewing machines – French presses – and 40-cup percolators,” he says.

Rather than relying exclusively of the product being picked up from the shelves of supermarkets the company is using the taste events to take the coffee directly to the consumer. “Our goal is to make APC to Guyanese what Blue Mountain is to Jamaicans,” Holder says.

Among the other ministries which have, so far, been part of the tasting sessions are Agriculture, Social Protection, Tourism and Public Security.

Holder, who says that part of his marketing exercise includes expanding the tasting exercise to include private sector entities told Stabroek Business that the initiative has, up until now, been more than a little encouraging. He says public servants who have been part of the exercise have shown a particular interest in the history of the product and have spoken highly of the taste and flavour. “We still have a long way to go but given the quality of the product and evolving local support, there is no doubt that our goal is within reach,” Holder says.

In its sampling events APF is partnering with Banks DIH Ltd, which is utilizing the opportunity to promote its locally-made Trisco biscuits and Java Coffee, a bistro which uses APC in its offerings of special brews – espressos, lattes, cappuccinos and cupcake and cheesecake desserts.

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