What I liked about Trump

-As concerns seriously linger

-My simple anti-crime suggestions

The commentaries, analyses and dissertations regarding the stunning upset electoral victory of billionaire-businessman-playboy Donald J Trump are not likely to end. For months to come!

So devastating was the Donald’s triumph to many globally. But not to all. Especially those in his inner caucus and the wider rural America who knew they would vote – silently – for the reclamation or preservation of slowly-vanishing traditional conservative values. (Read “white” if you wish to.)

Global (Third World) communities which feed the US with immigrants – both legal and illegal – now rue Trump’s imminent ascendancy because of his campaign intimations with respect to the immigration and refugee issues. (Incidentally, won’t Trump have to deliver to his electors? No matter how now he “modifies”?) The Clinton establishment/status quo which would have assured American and global markets no longer hold certain. So the entrenched rich are jittery – ironically. As are the negotiators of previous trade agreements Trump sees as bad “deals”.

Almost unprecedentedly for America, the Clinton Corps – from smug loyalists, to vulnerable illegals, college dissidents and “professional protestors” – have taken to the streets, as in Banana Republics, to protest the results of free and fair democratic electoral results.

There can be no overthrow in the mighty American Republic. What the protestors can achieve is for President-elect Trump to actively consider their fears and concerns. (It is to be hoped they just don’t harden his excessive positions.)

So since so many, including Guyanese, are denigrating Mr Trump, I make bold to record my admiration of his style during his campaign. (Though I cared little for either candidate this time around.)


Trump’s strategies, consistent or not

Apart from sometimes having sympathy for the underdog, the old political animal in me identified the following to regard highly during his victorious strategy.

He began transforming the traditional Republican Party into a more populous grassroots entity from the bowels of the disillusioned “white” folks. (2) Trump knew he did not need all the Hispanic votes. He knew Florida’s Latinos had/have hundreds of Cubans who were/are anti-Obama. (3) His numerous “rust-belt” rallies reached directly into the soul of poor whites. That was his “ground-game.” (4) Masterfully, as a shrewd businessman, he spent precious little on advertising during the primaries and the first months of his presidential campaign. His “brand”, outrageous remarks and style guaranteed sustained free coverage. (5) In the last weeks when the pro-Clinton/Democrat-friendly media literally campaigned against him, he showed his base and independents their aggressive bias. Successfully!

(6)Trump skillfully wooed socialist Bernie Sanders supporters, army veterans and the unemployed, as well as police and their families countrywide. (7) I noted how he shrewdly did not respond to Barack and Michelle Obama’s personal broadside, (very shrewd!) (7) For all his (manipulated) locker-room demeaning sexually-charged, decade-old revelations, he settled on his final campaign – manager Kelly-Anne Conway – the first successful woman presidential candidate-manager. (8) Of course, he exploited leaks and Clinton Emails to illustrate her mischief and used timely stats to show how the Obama Health Care programme would harm the needy, especially in specific states of the union.

(9) On lighter notes, I even appreciated his “strategy” to advise his base not to believe the anti-Trump polls and (10) to nickname specific opponents – “Lying Ted”, “Listless Jeb”, “Little Marco”, “Crooked Hillary”, etc.

Criticise me now all y’all want; produce all your scientific, intellectual, grandiose analyses, I say all the above assisted Trump to win.


These shared concerns must linger

With valid justification Democrats and much of the global community harbour great concerns and fears over a Trump presidency. CNN – the “Clinton” News Network – is the voice of the vanquished and the fearful. Locally, what will be the fate of illegal immigrants and Obama’s refugees? Will re-negotiated trade deals eventually and actually boomerang to hurt America’s interest? Will Trump really refashion American foreign policy to intimidate traditional allies? Will “White Supremacy” now be hostile to Muslims and immigrants?

Frankly Speaking, I sense that we are in for many friendly surprises from the Trump Presidency. As more scandals are unearthed from his millionaire-playboy-business past, and his every appointment now scrutinised, Trump will do his utmost not to fail in the most demanding “deal” of his life. Stay tuned Guyana.


Crime remedies: simple significant…

I’ve decided to keep at this – repetitively and consistently. Until Operation Safeguard results in minimising crime and until the latest security strategic plan is made manifest, I repeat my basic anti-crime suggestions.

Each police station must construct hand-drawn and/or electronic profiles of its division and community (know every nook and cranny); village cops and community police must frequent pools bars and wedding yards/houses; community police must monitor known abusive spouses, junkies, trouble-makers and community hot-spots; local businesses and private-sector entities must assist stations with two (2) good vehicles, street lights and working telephones; rotate station police in the hinterland; commissioners and commanders must ensure four/five ranks at stations at all times; traffic cops must monitor night-clubs and highways from dusk (6/7pm) to dawn.

Simple layman’s remedies pending the more macro strategic plans and “operations”.


1)  Imagine! As in volatile Third World places, the beaten Democrat-protesters plan to disrupt Donald’s Inauguration in January 2017! (He won fair and square!)

.2)  A profound question: Is it only a court of law which can determine innocence or guilt?

.3)  Would certain types in Guyana ever give honest answers to local pollsters?

.4)  Frequent-flyer presidents and ministers should report national benefits of visits.

.5)  Vendors temporarily outside the abandoned Stabroek Co-op Building report increased sales! Acquire it! For a vendors mall.


’Til next week!











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