The new graduation fees

What the students of the University of Guyana say about…

Interviews and photos by Jonelle Fields and Oliceia Simon


This week, we asked students of the University of Guyana for their opinions on the recently announced new fee that graduating students would have to pay. Their comments follow. 

20160725Ron GlasgowRon Glasgow – ‘The students have told me that if they have to pay to graduate they would not come to graduate, and as president [of the University of Guyana Student Society] I have to support the students. What is clear is that the students do not like the idea of having to pay for the graduation. They are making an effort, as far as I know, through a representative that attended the meeting. The overview was that Diploma students will get a chance to wear gowns, a nice certificate and the ceremony will just be uplifted. As a student body president, embodying the student feelings I am not in favour of it.’




20160725Diana AdamsDiana Adams – ‘I just think that it is distasteful that they would ask you to pay $10,000 given the fact that they had asked you to pay $50,000 facilities fees and when you look at it they are not doing anything that students need. The classrooms are always dirty and very simple things like the projector does not even work. So I just think that they should take the money that we are paying already, since they are not providing the service up to date. They should focus on more important issues other than the graduation fees. And we heard this news just the way everyone else heard it and that is on the news, we heard we are getting sound system, chairs and certificates. The thing is, they are collecting this $50,000 and we are not seeing an account of the money from the university.’


20160725Hamani TinnieHamani Tinnie – ‘Well at other universities they carry out a similar procedure so I do not see it as a problem. For example Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, they have the same procedure and their prices are even higher. So I do not see it as a big issue or something that should be fought against. It is just standard university procedure anywhere you go, so I personally do not have a problem with it and I also think that the student body should not have a problem with it either.’




20160725Andrew KesterAndrew Kester – ‘I heard about it but I did not take enough time to go and look into it because I did not agree with it initially. I cannot make a final say on it because I am not well informed. But you already have to pay, to some degree, to graduate because you have to pay for your gown. I think it is unfair that you have to pay the university to get out, but that is from an ignorant prospective because I do not know why they raised it.’



20160725Alex VyphuisAlex Vyphuis  – ‘It is complete nonsense. Why do I have to pay $7,000 for not turning up to a graduation when it is clear that I do not feel like graduating? What is the premise for doing that in the first place? Are they broke? But to be honest with you I don’t really see the $10,000 as a problem because previous graduations that I have been too we pay more. But that is just me, I do not know about other individuals and their pockets.’




20160725Harridat JenarineHarridath Jenarine  – ‘I do not see anything wrong with the $10,000, providing that we are supposed to have a better graduation than the previous ones.’





20160725seyi fordeSeyi Forde – ‘I do not know if the increase is a good thing or a bad thing because it has not been emitted as yet if there will be any major differentiation from the previous graduation. However, from what I have seen, the previous graduations were okay though I felt that they could have done better. I am hoping that this new increase will carry me over to say that it is a “good thing” instead of being one of the next “UG regular”- that means you know you’re seeing increases in things but you are not seeing the benefits.’




20160725Elliot GiddingsElliot Giddings – ‘I think the introduction of the fees is a great idea. I mean students pay for their graduation and they pay for everything. The only problem I have is that if you are graduating with a Diploma and a Bachelors you will have to pay twice and I wish that they can change that to paying the fee once.’



20160725Kevin BelleKevin Belle – ‘I would say that if any increase for anything it should be only if it is necessary and if improvements will be made generally at the end of the time when the graduation is ready.  I’m only in favour of the increase if it is necessary because there are other things which need to be improved on campus.’




20160725Alston AlleyneAlston Alleyne – ‘The increase in graduation fees in my opinion can be accredited to a grant given by the World Bank to develop the university as a whole, justified by the standard of graduation fees worldwide. The University of Guyana deems it fit without even considering the purchasing parity power and how students would be affected; without consultation. This is a direct abuse of power and inconsideration on the council’s behalf.’

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