Accused blames ganja trafficking charge on being ‘Good Samaritan’

A man who claimed that he was just a ‘Good Samaritan’ was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge that he had just over three pounds of cannabis in his possession.

It is alleged that on April 23, at Port Kaituma, Travis Pilgrim, 28, of 58 Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt Park had 1.418 kilogrammes of cannabis (equivalent to 3.13 pounds) for trafficking in his possession.

Pilgrim, a gold miner, pleaded not guilty to the charge that was read to him by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in Georgetown.

According to the defendant, he was simply helping a lady, who was with her children, with her bag. He said the woman told him that the bag he was helping her with contained rice for her household. He said when the police came and searched him, they found in the illegal substance in the same bag containing the rice. He said even though he denied being the owner of the bag, he was still arrested by the police. The defendant also told the court that he was abused by the officers while in police custody.

Magistrate McLennan subsequently remanded Pilgrim to prison. His matter was adjourned until August 3, when it will be called at the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

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