Over 30 streets in Corriverton to be repaired – Mayor

Ganesh Gangadin, Mayor of Corriverton, during a recent interview with Stabroek News, disclosed that the Mayor and Town Council, following the state subvention under the Fiscal Transfers Act, has proposed a $15M project.

Gangadin explained that $10.5M, will be used for the procurement of equipment and machinery for road repairs.

Ganesh Gangadin
Ganesh Gangadin

“We intend to buy a dump truck with this money” the Mayor said. He further explained that a part of last year’s subvention fund was used to purchase an excavator.

“The dump truck will be used for road repairs, for the removal of overburden from the road shoulders and to transport building materials around the town”, the mayor said.

He stated that the M&TC also intends to purchase a low bed trailer to move around machinery in the town.

“We will do our contracts ourselves, save a lot of money and gave a more optimal result to our residents”, Gangadin added. According to the Mayor, the remainder of the $15M, will be used to purchase materials for the repair of over thirty streets across Corriverton.

“What we intend to do is not use the conventional way…the ‘chip seal’ road repairs… We plan to move to a more advanced way to use asphalt to patch most of these roads, we find it more durable”, he added.

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