Region Five chairman, APNU+AFC councillors lock horns again on apology for president

– disrupted meeting adjourned

Another statutory meeting was disrupted on Thursday as APNU+AFC councillors of Region Five continue to call for an apology from Regional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal over the alleged snub of President David Granger.

Led by Carol Joseph, the APNU+AFC councillors present sang hymns and banged on the tables interrupting the chairman’s attempts to proceed with the meeting.

The APNU+AFC councillors
The APNU+AFC councillors

APNU+AFC Councillor Abel Seetaram was absent.

Meanwhile, Ramphal continues to stand his ground and refuses to apologize.

The contretemps began after Ramphal was not in attendance at a handing over ceremony in the region, where the President was present. APNU+AFC councillors dubbed this as disrespectful to the president and have been disrupting

Chairman Vickchand Ramphal (centre) at the meeting
Chairman Vickchand Ramphal (centre) at the meeting

statutory meetings ever since.

The chairman’s explanation was that he was not invited to the ceremony. However, on Thursday he further clarified  that apart from not being invited to the ceremony, he was meeting with farmers.

In response, APNU+AFC Councillor Delon Crawford stood up and told the chairman, “You keep saying you did not attend because of so and so. But you’re not apologizing for not coming; you’re just saying the so and so.”

Joseph remained in her seat, as she once again demanded an apology from Ramphal.

When Ramphal reminded her that she should stand when addressing the chairman, she responded, “I am not standing because I do not respect you as the chairman.”

The meeting was then adjourned without any headway being made in the region’s business. Ramphal once again called on the councillors to come together and work in unity for the betterment of the region.



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