Hogstye family robbed in early morning home invasion

A man, his wife and son were robbed around 3.45 am yesterday at their home in Hogstye Village, Corentyne, Berbice, of over $500,000, an amount of jewellery and an iPhone.

According to the victims, four perpetrators carried out the five-minute robbery and two of the four men were armed with hand guns.

Abid Ally stated that his father would usually get up early in the morning to begin his fast, since it is the month of Ramadan. According to Ally, his father opened the backdoor and was immediately struck to his head, by one of the bandits.

The Allys backyard through which the bandits escaped
The Allys backyard through which the bandits escaped

“I woke up hearing screaming from my parents. I knew at that moment that it was bandits. I called one of my uncles and told him that there was bandits in the house,” Ally related. “Right after that one of the bandits kick open my door and ask me to get down.”

According to Ally, the bandit ordered him to, “‘take me to the money’. I walked out because they were in my parents’ room and I went there. I held my mother while they just ransacked the room and took what they found.”

Ally disclosed that three men were in the house carrying out the robbery while one stood guard downstairs. “They were masked and had long sleeves and wore really huge boots that were covered with mud. I didn’t look at their faces really, because I was so scared, but they had kerchiefs as masks,” Ally said.

The men eventually escaped through the backyard on foot.

Ally’s father, who is the manager of Sookram’s Filling Station, asked that their photos not be included, as they are scared for their lives. He, however, noted that the business he works for has been robbed a number of times in the past. The family believes that the perpetrators had to be from the area, since they escaped through the backyard and had to have known the area, to make that escape possible.

No arrests have yet been made, as investigations continues.

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