City going ahead with parking meters – Mayor

Mayor of Georgetown Patricia Chase-Green said at a press conference this morning that the city will be going ahead with the parking meters project which will come on stream from September 1.

The team which had visited Mexico and Panama, she said, is very satisfied that the contractor, National Parking Systems (NPS) which is part of an international consortium can provide a product which will be beneficial to the people of Georgetown.

Having met with the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan prior to the holding of the press conference, she stated that the city has provided the minister with a copy of the contract and supporting documents and has reiterated the right of the council in keeping with Chapter 28:01 to proceed with developmental works for the Local Government Authority they oversee.

The proposed deal has engendered controversy over a series of matters including the bona fides of NPS.

Pat Chase-Green
Pat Chase-Green


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