Wanted man shot by police in GPH ICU

The wanted man who was shot in New Amsterdam by the police is still in the Georgetown Public Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Jamal Junior Munroe, 23 was shot on Saturday morning in his back after police found him after three weeks of searching.

According to the man’s sister, Munroe was in his family home at the time when several police officers from ‘B’ division came searching for him.

Jamal Junior Munroe
Jamal Junior Munroe

“They [the police officers] peep through the window and they saw him and the door was lock so they tried to force their way in and that’s when he hear and see them,” the woman explained. She said that after Munroe became aware of the police’s presence he escaped through a window and started to run.

“After he start to run they run behind he and start shooting. He then run over into the neighbour yard and they fired about three shot again and after they didn’t find him they saw blood and they seh that they shoot he,” the woman related, explaining that even though the police had shot the man, they had not found him.

She related that after getting shot the man had hidden himself in some bushes and after the police searched and couldn’t find him they fired several shots. “After they shoot wild and when they ain’t find he they just leff. They didn’t report anything and they just left and go and relax they self,” the woman said, adding that several minutes after the police had left the scene, the man’s girlfriend told her that he had been shot and was in the neighbour’s yard.

She said that they subsequently rushed the man to the New Amsterdam Hospital from where he was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital and admitted into the ICU unit. She explained that his condition was improving but he has to undergo surgery.

Commander of B Division, Ian Amsterdam told Stabroek News that Munroe was wanted in connection with a series of break and enter, larceny and robbery under arms charges.  Munroe had appeared at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court on April 8, where he was charged with break and enter and robbery under arms. He was placed on $100,000 bail.


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