One year on… Sisters of Corentyne accident victim plead for justice

One year after their brother was killed by an alleged drunk driver along the Public Road at Albion, Corentyne, Berbice, two sisters are lamenting that there has been no justice in his case.

On September 21, 2015 Devon Linel Deene, 22, of Lot 22 Fyrish Village, Corentyne was returning home when he collided with a bus which was being driven by an allegedly intoxicated man.

According to information gathered, the driver of the bus had just left the annual Berbice Expo and Trade Fair where he was allegedly imbibing. Eye-witnesses at the time claimed that the driver of the bus was speeding and swerving on the road, when Deene, who was on a motorcycle attempted to overtake to enter a street and they collided. Deene hit the right side of the bus and pitched into a utility pole. A post-mortem examination was conducted which revealed that he died from a fractured skull.

Devon Linel Deene
Devon Linel Deene
Nikita Loncke
Nikita Loncke

Deene’s family members are calling for justice, as according to them the driver of the bus is still out on the road driving recklessly. Nikita Loncke, 29, one of Deene’s sisters said, “No justice has been served ever since.” She said she was made to understand that on the night of the incident the driver of the bus was hesitant to render assistance to her brother, which delayed him getting medical attention. She said she is dissatisfied and is worried that the driver can potentially claim the life of another person, since he is still driving “recklessly”. Loncke recounted that she was present when a breathalyzer test was done which showed that the driver was heavily intoxicated. She said the driver never apologized or showed any sort of remorse for being involved in an accident that claimed her brother’s life.

“We will never forget it, he was our brother and we will fight till the end for justice,” the grieving sister said.

Another of Deene’s sisters said she too will continue to fight for justice for her brother. Kenisha Deene, 26, said, “It pains my heart to see him still driving recklessly on the road. We need justice and we will fight to the end for it.”

Meanwhile, Deene’s mother told Stabroek News, that she has not stopped crying since her son’s death. She stressed that in order for her to get closure she must attain some sort of justice. A service was held on Thursday last by relatives in remembrance of Deene.

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