Accused teen carjackers remanded

Two teens were yesterday remanded to prison after being charged with two counts of robbery, including a carjacking.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in a Georgetown court were Joshua Collins, 17, and Leroy Forde, 18, who were read acharge which stated that they robbed Andrew Nurse of a vehicle, PVV 6825, valued $2,550,000.

 Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins

The court heard that the vehicle was recovered after being found in the East La Penitence area, although the number plate had been changed.

It is also alleged that on September 26th, at Werk-en-Rust, armed with a gun, they robbed Kendall Short of a $19,000 phone.

They pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Prosecutor Deniro Jones objected to bail based on the gravity of the offences and the fact that a weapon was used to commit the crimes.

Leroy Forde
Leroy Forde

He added that the victims also identified the defendants on the day the robberies occurred.

He further stated that the ages the accused gave to the police for themselves differed from the ages they gave to the court.

As a result, the Chief Magistrate advised the prosecutor to verify the defendants’ ages. Both Collins and Forde were then remanded to prison until October 21st, when the next hearings for both matters are scheduled.

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