Ulverston mom of four stabbed to death by children’s father

– despite shopkeeper’s heroic action

The heroic action of a Corentyne shopkeeper, who ran and grabbed on to a man as he was stabbing the mother of his four children, allowed her to escape, but was not enough to save her life as she subsequently succumbed. The man also escaped and is currently being sought by the police.

Dead is Yansen Tamika Brusche, 38, of Lot 20 Ulverston Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

According to information gathered, Brusche who operated the canteen at the Alness Primary School had just returned home from work and had gone to a nearby shop to purchase a few items when she was stabbed some five times about her body.

Dead: Yansen Brusche
Dead: Yansen Brusche

Beverly Green, the owner of the shop where the incident took place, told Stabroek News that Brusche entered the shop around 1.15 pm, followed approximately one minute later by the father of her children, Winston Benjamin, also known as ‘Blood’, 40, a cane harvester also of Ulverston.

“I see when he come in, she pull to the one side,” Green said. “So when me see her move aside, I ask her what happen with ayo two and Yansen word was, ‘me weary quarrel and me weary sin me soul, God and the court will decide.’” It was then, Green said, that Benjamin whipped out a knife from his back pocket and started to stab Brusche about her body.

“I tried to grab him from over the counter, but after I couldn’t a reach I run around,” she said. Risking her own life, Green “hold on to him for Yansen to escape. She try to go to the gate, but then the gate did close [and] she run in to me living room.”

Green said she was still holding tightly to Benjamin’s hand and he ordered her to let go of him. By then, fear had stepped in and she complied.

Residents said they last saw Benjamin with the knife heading into the backlands of Ulverston. A team of lawmen and relatives subsequently combed the area in search of him without success. Brusche’s sister, Roxanne Brusche, said her sister had separated from Benjamin years ago but stayed in contact because of their children. Roxanne, who was at home at the time of the incident said, “She gone to the shop and then I hear like she screaming so me run out. Then I see the shop lady holding Winston and I run in and see Yansen bleeding.”

She said her sister’s last words to her were, “I’m not going to make it.”

The grieving sister questioned why the man would have wanted to kill her sister and leave his children motherless. She said as far as she knew, they did not have an issue with each other at the time.

Meanwhile, neighbours who knew both Brusche and Benjamin for many years informed Stabroek News, that Benjamin has always been a “violent, passionate person.”

One neighbour said, “Yansen leff he about three years ago when dem did fight and he run she with the cutlass.”

Another neighbour related that about two weeks ago Benjamin had asked Brusche for $2,000 and when she refused, he had picked up a sharp object and threatened to stab her. According to the resident, Brusche said her children had rushed to her rescue.

Brusche was described as a jovial person who was well known in the community. She also leaves to mourn her father, siblings and other relatives and friends.

Brusche’s relatives lamented that losing her was a blow to the family as she had been the sole provider for herself and children.

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