Carpenter found dead on Number 70 road

The body of a carpenter was found along the Number 70 Village Public Road early yesterday morning and his family suspects foul play despite signs suggesting he was the victim of a vehicular accident.

The body of Faiyaz Narinedatt, 26, of Lot 36 Number 70 Village, Corentyne, was discovered around 3.45am.

According to persons who flocked to the scene after the body was found, the scene seem staged to suggest an accident.

Stabroek News was told that Narinedatt was last seen alive early yesterday morning at a party hosted at the residence of an overseas-based Guyanese in Number 70 Village.

Faiyaz Narinedatt
Faiyaz Narinedatt

A villager said when she left the party around 2.54am, Narinedatt was still there.

Broken pickets in the street
Broken pickets in the street

The dead man’s mother, Bibi Shakeera Aziz, 44, said her son had come home on Monday night but left again after talking to someone on his phone.

An uncle of Narinedatt, Chandra Datt, told Stabroek News that the family was informed that his nephew was a victim of an accident on the public road. “When me go, me see the body a bleed, abbie turn him and recognise that he a me brother son,” he said. “When abbie watch where the blood deh, it deh like a car reverse but if he been run over the body he head would a damage up,” the man added, while noting that Narinedatt did not have marks that suggested that he was run over. Instead, he said it looked as if Narinedatt had been beaten.

Datt said that he decided to ride into the street where the party was kept. “When me go in the street, me see one good set a pickets bruk up and deh there,” he noted. When Stabroek News visited the area, a shirt and a pair of slippers covered in mud were seen lying on the street, a couple houses away from where the party was held. However, Datt said those items belonged to his nephew but noted that another man, who was at the party and is close friends with the host, said that the shirt belonged to him and that he had left it there when he attempted to pull Narinedatt out of the drain. Residents throughout the street were tight-lipped about the events of the night.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Kevin Adonis did not confirm any arrest being made up to press time yesterday but noted that the police were on the ground investigating. He explained that after an autopsy is conducted, the police will have a better idea if Narinedatt’s death was due to an accident or murder.

Narinedatt was the father of a two-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter. Relatives said his wife is overseas with his daughter, while he took care of his son in Guyana. His mother explained that he kept to himself and avoided confrontation. His parents are calling for the police to investigate thoroughly as they want justice for their only child.




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