Eccles excavator operator stabbed to death

The Police say they are investigating the murder of Intaz Alli, 22 yrs , an excavator operator, of 1 21 “BB” Eccles EBD, by a sixteen year old male from the said community.

Investigations have revealed that the reputed wife of the deceased was on her way home from work, in the company of the suspect who was riding a bicycle alongside her as he routinely does. At the time the suspect was in possession of the woman’s bag with a ten inch rambo knife.

It was alleged that as they were proceeding in a northern direction, Alli who was driving motor car PSS 2435 struck down the suspect who got up and began to run but was apprehended by Alli who started to beat him and during this process the suspect who was still in possession of the bag, took out the knife and allegedly inflicted a wound to the left side of Alli’s neck. Alli collapsed and was rushed to GPHC by a friend, but was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect has since been taken into custody. The alleged murder weapon was retrieved, the police said.


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