China’s Xi takes up new military title as part of reforms process

BEIJING, (Reuters) – Chinese President Xi Jinping has been appointed commander-in-chief of a new joint command headquarters for China’s military, state media said, part of an on-going reform programme to modernise the world’s largest armed forces.

Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping

Xi already oversees the People’s Liberation Army in his role as head of the powerful Central Military Commission, and has now been appointed commander-in-chief of the commission’s Joint Command Headquarters, state media said this week.

Xi announced the setting up of the new headquarters in November, a move previously flagged by the military which is meant to help coordination between different parts of the defence system.

China has been moving rapidly to upgrade its military hardware, but operational integration of complex and disparate systems across a regionalised command structure is a major challenge.

In the past, regional level military commanders have enjoyed latitude over their forces and branches of the military have remained highly independent, making it difficult to exercise the centralised control necessary to use new weapons systems effectively in concert.

Xi told officers at the headquarters they must have a clear sense of crisis and focus their skills, state media said.

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