Hurtful language, unsound decision

Dear Editor,

I hope the language used by head coach Simmons in explaining to Ambrose the reasons for the decision to not renew his contract was not accurately reported, because not only was the language unnecessarily hurtful, but the decision was not sound, given the head coach`s acknowledgement of Ambrose’s contributions in inculcating discipline and in the area of motivation.

It would have been easy to have found less painful language, and, what is more, the acknowledged contributions are of much greater value than those that can be reasonably expected to be made by someone like Pybus, who remains on board. West Indies cricket is already burdened with too much turmoil to add the wrath of such a legend and his huge devoted following, to the mix.

I was worried and disappointed when at an earlier point in time Ambrose had expressed some opposition to the inclusion of so-called mercenaries into the Test and one day squads, but I understood that he had become more flexible on this issue.

It is critical that there be harmony in the Caribbean cricket fraternity going forward, and every reasonable step must be taken towards that end.

Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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