GTT’s historical transportation policy was not based on a union-negotiated agreement

Dear Editor,

GTT is one of Guyana’s largest employers and decisions taken cater to staff welfare, customer service and long term sustainability of the company.  In all cases, major decisions are communicated to staff and shared with our respective union.

I therefore refer to a letter from the President of the Guyana Postal and Telegraph Worker’s Union as published in your Saturday May 14, edition and note that while our policy is to manage our matters internally, the letter calls for some clarification (‘GTT is committing transgressions in relation to its labour force’).

GTT confirms that it has adjusted its historical transportation policy, which catered to the transportation of its staff, including those on both day and night-time shifts. The provision of transportation for workers was implemented at the company’s discretion, during a time when our country’s transport options were not as extensive as they currently are. This provision was not based on a union negotiated agreement. We have encouraged our staff to utilise the many forms of public transport. Many of our employees now own a vehicle.

The initial adjustment asks staff who work between the hours of 7.30am and 6pm to arrange for their own transportation to and from work in lieu of company provided transport, as is the norm in the public and private sector.

The adjustment took place effective May 1, 2016. GTT staff and their union were informed of the adjustment on April 13, 2016, allowing enough time for personal arrangements to be made. While GTT continues to review its transport policy, staff working outside of the window of 7.30am to 6pm will continue to be provided with transportation as subsidised by the company.

Savings by the company, as a result of this adjustment, will be applied to other areas where there is need.

GTT is committed to the health and safety of all its employees. The company has reviewed its existing practice and measures and investments were put in place where we saw fit and necessary.  We are guided daily by our Health and Safety Officers to uphold requirements and regulations and continue to reach out to our union in those areas which are collectively agreed.

Yours faithfully,

Allison Parker    

Public Relations Officer 

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