Dear Editor,

In reference to the article captioned ‘NCN didn’t bill PPP/C for millions owed for political ads, audit finds’ published on page 3 of your June 4 issue, which gives the impression that our agency is indebted to NCN and might have benefited from debt write-offs, I wish to clarify that all our payments to this entity are current and at no time did we request or were granted debt write-offs. The only outstanding debts would be for the month of May, 2016, for which the invoices have not yet been received and payment is not due until the first week in July.

The article is somewhat misleading and has caused us much distress.

Yours faithfully,

Rochelle Peroune

General Manager

King Advertising Limited


Editor’s note

The ‘article’ to which Mrs Peroune refers is based entirely on the forensic report of NCN covering the period November 11, 2011 to May 31, 2015, that was released on Friday on the Ministry of Finance website.

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